Excellent Service

Customer Service Email:

Marohn TK Elevator is committed to providing first-class service. We always regard the quality of service and the interests of users as the cornerstone of the company survival. We will pay close attention to your feedback throughout the product life cycle. You are welcome to communicate directly with us on any problems you may encounter during the process of using Marohn TK Elevator.


Marohn TKE adopts the advanced PASSPORT installation quality management procedure and implements three quality control processes of unpacking, installation and final inspection, supplemented by headquarter flight random check. The strict and meticulous whole process quality evaluation system, one-vote veto process quality margin policy and installation qualification annual review and upgrading/downgrading system, to ensure that the installation quality of any escalator or escalator complies with the relevant standards and acceptance criteria. 
The final test is the most comprehensive. From detail size measurement, ride comfort and noise, to the special function measurement and overall internal and external appearance, each link is completed according to the standard of Marohn TKE to ensure the ultimate installation quality  and satisfied the developers and users.

Service Network

While continually improving technology, we ensure through the remote elevator monitoring system and 24/7 hotline that our customers can have the safe and comfortable ride experience, and at the same time, enjoy the considerate excellent service.

On the service network management, we actively establish the brand service, based on the house brand product maintenance, to develop comprehensive service business, and set up professional sales team. We also insist on providing comprehensive training, brand management, qualification certification, process management and assessment to service agencies. Our technical service center constantly provides the most advanced professional service skills training and the most advanced tools and equipment, so as to ensure the provision of services to the satisfaction of the customers.

In the service process management, we adopt the network intensive management, refine the service management system, establish archives for the repair records of each elevator, and give full play to the brand advantage, so as to make our customers satisfied and assured.

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