MEV Villa Elevator

Each MEV is Unique

Marohn MEV villa elevator is designed specifically for private villas. Each villa elevator is unique. The professional design and layout are tailor-made for you. We change because of you. Marohn TK elevator boasts the perfect combination of comfort and energy saving, the thorough integration of elevator and villa that set off each other, which enhances the quality of the building and creates a warm and comfortable home life for you while enjoying the convenience.

We deeply understand your expectations for villa elevator and meet them with great professionalism:

Quietness - We apply permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive technology to our villa elevators. This revolutionary application dramatically reduces the noise of the elevator drive system and makes the noise during operation only equivalent to that of an air conditioner.

Green energy - The permanent magnet synchronous gearless technology greatly reduces the energy consumption of traditional elevators. Supported by the MEV intelligent standby energy-saving scheme, the daily energy consumption is only equivalent to that of an ordinary refrigerator.

Smoothness - Thanks to the full planning support of professional experts throughout the way, the advanced technology applications and first-class installation technology, we are confident that you will be amazed by the smooth travel experience as if you were standing still.

Marohn TK Elevator is committed to providing the highest quality elevator products. For more information about MEV villa elevator products, please consult your local sales agent.

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