MEL-S Machine Room-less (MRL) Elevator

Marohn MEL-S MRL elevator is a new design for high-rise residential buildings, office buildings, hotels and various public buildings. We deeply understand the concept of environmental protection, energy conservation and consumption reduction. By saving building area and improving design freedom, we fully reflect green humanities and create infinite possibilities for the finite space of modern buildings. Featuring high-end configuration, excellent performance and powerful functions, Marohn ME-SL MRL elevator can perfectly meet different occasions and different preferences of customers, making the ride comfortable and pleasant.

MRL elevator is like concentrated essence, which is so much more than simply changing the main engine from the machine room into the hoistway. It needs to be carefully crafted based on your building. MEL-S MRL elevator solution allows the elevator to blend into the building from design, product to service; truly realizing the vision of perfectly restoring the architectural design to reality. MEL-S MRL elevator applies the advanced permanent magnet synchronous gearless drive and original driving system layout, which is more efficient and takes up less space, saving valuable floor space for customers.

MEL-S MRL elevator features complete functional configuration and is widely used in a variety of buildings such as residential, office buildings and hotels. Marohn TK Elevator is committed to providing the highest quality elevator products. For more information about MEL-S MRL elevator products, please consult your local sales agent.

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