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Marohn TKE Solution

Marohn TKE is a total solution provider

Marohn TK Elevator relys on the first-class R&D and leading manufacturing capacity to fully functional products, providing satisfactory solutions for you. We carefully study the using characteristics of different buildings to recommend the most suitable products and services.

One step ahead

Marohn TK Elevator has always been committed to serving China with a leading attitude, full confidence and motivation for thriving together with China.

  • Planning with you to choose the most suitable solution together, reducing all unnecessary costs;
  • Effective product optimization and cost control to ensure competitive preferential price;
  • First-class manufacturing capacities to ensure satisfactory product quality;
  • Advanced energy-saving and environmental protection technology, permanent magnet gearless main engine, saving several thousand kilowatts of power consumption per elevator per year, significantly reducing operating costs;
  • Professional and rigorous installation and maintenance to ensure thoughtful after-sales service and reduce long-term use costs.
MEH Hight Speed Elevator 1.0m/s - 7.0m/s 1000kg - 2000kg
MEP Passenger Elevator 1.0m/s - 2.5m/s 630kg - 1600kg
TKP Passenger Elevator 1.0m/s - 2.0m/s 630kg - 1000kg
MEL Machine Room-less (MRL) Elevator 1.0m/s - 1.75m/s 630kg - 1000kg
MEL-S Machine Room-less (MRL) Elevator 1.0m/s - 1.75m/s 450kg - 1000kg
MEV Villa Elevator 0.4m/s 320, 400kg

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