1100 Acres! Marohn TKE Helps Build New Benchmark for Provincial Enterprises to Run Schools
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The new campus of Three Gorges University College of Science and Technology is located in Yichang City, Hubei Province, which is the seat of the Three Gorges Project, the hydropower capital of the world, and a famous tourist city in China, and is invested and constructed by Hubei Education Investment, a subsidiary of Yangtze River Industry Group.

The project highly integrates the advantageous resources of government, school and enterprise, and is the leading project for the full-speed construction of “Three Gorges Intelligence Valley, Seeking Resort” Science and Education New Town in Dijun District, the key project of Yichang Science and Education City's education cluster planning, and the landmark project of Yichang City focusing on science and technology innovation and striving to build a highland for science and technology innovation in the country.

As a key project of the province, the government, the school and the enterprise have strict and specific requirements on the quality and appearance of the elevator, smoothness of operation and environmental performance. Marohn TKE not only responded to the customer's demand with higher standards, but also met the demand for elevator use in multiple scenarios such as teaching building, experimental building, gymnasium, academic practice and exchange center, comprehensive activity center, student apartments, etc., and constructed a set of high-efficiency vertical transportation system that covers the whole campus.

In the future, with more excellent vertical transportation solutions, Marohn TKE will help improve the conditions of universities and build a high-quality education system, and inject wisdom and vitality into the strategy of developing the country through science and education!

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