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National Primary and Secondary School Safety Education Day

On the occasion of the 29th National Primary and Secondary School Safety Education Day on March 25th, 2024, in order to guide the students to establish the awareness of civilized elevator riding and master the necessary knowledge and preventive skills of elevator safety, Marohn TK Elevator, in cooperation with Mudcheng Primary School of Shanghai Lingang, held the theme activity of "Civilized Elevator Riding and Safe Riding" in the school.

For this activity, Marohn TK Elevator has carefully arranged the modules of "elevator principle popularization for children", "knowledge quiz about safe elevator travel" and "role simulation of elevator travel scene", which are rich in content. Professionals from Mannotti Elevator taught primary school students the scientific inventions and creations related to elevators, the changes and impacts of artificial intelligence and intelligent elevators on people's lives, and the knowledge of safe and civilized elevator rides and self-rescue skills in a lively, entertaining and silent scientific way.

On-site students listened attentively, interacted enthusiastically, and raised many very insightful questions, demonstrating the solid scientific foundation and broad vision of Shanghai elementary school students, among which a treasure-level student with super knowledge of elevator technology emerged, becoming a wonderful highlight of the interactive experience, and was praised by professional elevator experts in R&D and technology of Marohn TKE. Elementary school students who participated in the activity said that the activity was very interesting and rewarding, and indicated that they would use their after-school time to explain and popularize the knowledge learned to the children and parents around them, so that more people in the society would pay attention to the safety of elevators and escalators.

Tang Huaying, the principal of Lingang Mudcheng Primary School, spoke highly of the activity and said that the popularization of the knowledge of elevator safety was exemplary, and that more children participated in the publicity of the knowledge of elevator safety, which drove the parents and the community to pay more attention to the safety of children on elevators.

Yang Yifeng, secretary of the party branch of Marohn TK Elevator, said that Marohn TK Elevator is committed to combining the fulfillment of corporate social responsibility with the play of the core business advantages of the enterprise, and hopes to promote the popularization of the "knowledge of elevator safety" starting from the children and teenagers, so as to further enhance the public awareness of the safety of elevators, and make its own efforts in creating a safe public living environment. We hope to further enhance the public's awareness of safe elevator rides and make our own efforts to create a safe public living environment.

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