Green Factory

Marohn TKE’s brand new R&D and production base is relocated to Shanghai Lingang Industrial Area in December 2015. Covering an area of about 55,000 m2, our factory has office, training, showroom, meeting, catering and various function areas and facilities. 

The test tower has a total height of 89.5 meters, with 19 floors of ground level, equipped with 5 shafts, can test elevator with the highest speed of 7 m/s and maximum load 2,000 kg, becoming the landmark of Lingang Industrial Area. Passengers can fully experience the fast feeling in rising, and then reach the sightseeing platform at the 18th floor to have a view of the unique industrial landscape of the park.

We have introduced automatic material warehouse, numerical control punch press, intelligent robot and many other intelligent equipment, which not only realizes the interaction of the virtual and reality, but also improve the production capacity and efficiency of the factory. Intelligent technical production process further brings the maximum cost savings. Only several operators are required for the whole production line to complete the entire process from material production, assembly to delivery.

The picture shows an aerial view of the production line of Marohn TK Elevator

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