Marohn TK Elevator

Marohn TK Elevator (formerly Marohn ThyssenKrupp Elevator) is a one-stop professional elevator solution provider held by TKE. We are committed to the research and development, production and sales of the elevator, escalator and key parts, and providing installation and maintenance services to the customer.

The high-speed urbanization of China is the engine for the economic prosperity and further improvement of the people's living standards, and also the golden key to the transformation and realization of sustainable economic growth.

Marohn TK Elevator is dedicated to offering high quality elevator and escalator products at the reasonable price, so as to provide the first-class green products and services for the high-speed urbanization of China, and contribute to the optimization and transformation of manufacturing industry promoted by the state.

With the strong sense of responsibility, we answer for the safety of all passengers, and implement strict safety monitoring on all the products.

Our vision is: Create smart choice of elevator, fulfill the mega trend of urbanization.

Constantly driven by the support of customers, Marohn TK Elevator keeps improving the service level with the customer needs as the standard.

We will inherit and carry forward the connotation of the excellent German brand culture. Relying on the constant endeavor for technical excellence, we are committed to providing high quality products and services, realizing co-prosperity and sharing success with the rapid rise of the new economy of China

Great team with the best execution skills

The management and technical personnel have overseas high-level education background and experience of leading companies in the industry. Deeply involved in the Chinese market for years, they have clear, comprehensive, fast and in-depth market insight and customer demand awareness, dedicated to passion, performance, hard work and innovation to recreate the glory.

Efficiency is the soul of Marohn

Efficiency is the soul of Marohn TK Elevator, as keeping you waiting is the last thing we want. Gathering the elite team of the industry, with first-class executive force, we will provide satisfactory response to you at the first moment. Our highly efficient process management system that stems from the advanced experience ensures that you can get response for your requirements within the shortest possible time. The information management system that we spare no efforts to build in view of the characteristics of the elevator industry can ensure the comprehensive, accurate and efficient internal information flow.

Full-coverage sales networks

We regard the sales network as the hands. The perfect Marohn TK Elevator sales network will create the promising future with you together. Integrate with the advanced experience of the industry, we build leading sales network system  and provide the first-class channel training and development plans.

Marohn TK Elevator Profile

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